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The farm

At Cammarana the land is protected by stone walls. Indigenous to this land are the carob forests and olive groves that were originally planted by the Arabs. We use a rotation culture that alternately produces wheat Russello and hay.

Each season different herbs and wild flowers grow in the grazing fields that are fodder for the Modica cows that produce a milk cheese typical of this region: the Ragusano d.o.p.

The Cammarana Estate produces an excellent, well-balanced olive oil that is full of aroma. The oil is produced from olives that grow on our olive trees (Iblea biancolilla and Moorish qualities). The olive groves contain different kinds of centuries-old native trees and new trees with an average age of 8 years. This allows us to produce one of the best oils in the area, by virtue both of our position at 360 meters above sea level as well as of the so called cultivars. Every November the olives are harvested by hand and cold-pressed the same day. The oil is not filtered.

Our estate, like most of this part of the region, is enhanced by large carob trees that are long-lived plants of majestic beauty. The landscape of the Ibleo Plateau is covered by these great trees with their characteristic umbrella fronds, and their trunks covered by a reddish bark. They bear sweet fruits/pods that are pleasant to touch. The carob harvest begins in late August. The flower that is produced from its seeds is a valuable ingredient for the confectionery industry. We make use of it for the production of home-made bread and delicious biscuits.