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The Story of Idda, Cammarana’s Fox

The Story of Idda, Cammarana’s Fox



This is the portrait in which Giuseppe Cassiba, the famous artist from Comiso, captured our Cammarana fox.

For an entire summer he sat, at sunset, within the walls of the vegetable garden… he, too, has learned that Idda loves the St John’s figs and will even chance a leap into the tree in order to grab a few.


Idda the Fox, a delightful creature with a bushy tail and clever eyes, has become part of our life here, a piece of our horizon and of our dreams. And Cammarana’s humans have given her a name: Idda.


Idda, because in Sicilian dialect the word means “her” or “she”.


In fact, when she first began to edge near the house, often risking encounters with strangers (us), our farm workers, who were alarmed by her presence and the threat to our hens, said, “Idda è tornata!”: she’s back! But with a special permit (complete with wax seal!) and the reluctant benediction of the farm workers, Idda has stayed on, and the name has stuck.


You will find her dozing beneath the carob trees or taking an early-morning stroll amid the wild orchids and anemones… or singing, at dusk, in search of love (look for her on our Instagram page @tenutacammarana – her cry is wonderful!).  She’s become our mascot. Or one of them, at least …  along with the dogs and the cats … There’s room for everyone here at Cammarana!