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The surrounding wall conceals a fragrant garden containing many varieties of jasmine, bearded iris and peonies bloom in April, antique roses in May and Pelargonium, lotus flower and bougainvillea during the summer. Indian barrels brighten the evenings at the end of summer with their bows, while the scent of Cistus leaves inebriates the air.

In our Hortus Conclusus we planted our favourite aromatic and fragrant herbs, the enclosed kitchen garden supplies our house with fruit, vegetables and salad.

Goldfinches, robins, butterflies, hedgehogs and many other animals are constantly present in our gardens…and our lovely cats Nina, Chance and Pongo the dalmatian.

The careful preservation of natural heritage, carob forests, wild fruit trees, native palms, the many varieties of herbs and some rare species makes this place a natural paradise. Wildlife finds an ideal habitat in the Plateau: wild rabbits, porcupines, buzzards, hoopoes, owls and foxes are the creatures that live harmoniously in our area.