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Silvia La Padula

11 March 2018

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Our Country House

Holidays in Harmony with Nature: Tenuta Cammarana


Our historic family home now welcomes visitors from all over the world, and for us hospitality is a philosophy and a way of life that reflects and combines our values, our history, the beauty of the local landscape, cultivating the land with respect for the natural environment and, naturally, the products grown on the estate.


We pride ourselves on the idea that Tenuta Cammarana is a very special bed-and-breakfast where every holiday is a happy one, whether our guests are here for an unforgettable romantic break or with friends and family, enjoying our products and exploring the estate, relaxing in the gardens or simply lazing in the library after a rich breakfast, unwinding in our spa at the end of a day spent visiting the wonderful Baroque cities of Ragusa Ibla and Modica, Noto, Marzameni, Syracuse…



Summers in the country and holidays at Tenuta Cammarana: our family

When he wanted to go hunting or simply go for a walk in the countryside, Grandfather Don Peppino would turn up at Cammarana on foot, having travelled by train as far as Genìsi, the little local station halfway between Ragusa Ibla and Donnafugata.


He walked in with his dogs, left the game he had caught in the kitchen and went off to enjoy some peace and quiet in front of the grand fireplace. For Don Peppino these were life’s essentials: a roaring fire and a good meal – although, truth be told, on winter evenings a warm soup was quite sufficient… Concetta the housekeeper was a good cook and in the kitchen the dried grass peas and broad beans used in traditional Sicilian soups were never lacking.


Grandmother Maria, on the other hand, always arrived in Cammarana in midsummer. In June she would decamp from the family’s elegant house in Ragusa Ibla and bring the children, Eusebio, Maria, Vincenzina and little Antonio, to the countryside. Summers and holidays at Cammarana were a joy for all of them.


A few days before the carriage arrived, groaning with the weight of the family’s luggage, Concetta and her daughter Pinuccia added a series of tasks to their everyday duties. The pitchstone floors had to be polished, the kerosene lamps checked, the bedrooms tidied and almond biscuits and jasmine water left in each one, not to mention the larder which needed to be filled with all the essentials.


For a few days the smell of soap filled the air and sheets and curtains were hung out to dry in the sun, before being starched and ironed several times over.



A bed-and-breakfast of great charm: Tenuta Cammarana


Today at Cammarana, just as in the old days, we work hard to ensure the same welcoming family atmosphere for our guests. The bedrooms are prepared with the same love and care that Concetta and Pinuccia put into the task, and attention is paid to every detail in order to guarantee that every guest’s holiday here will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Never forgetting the almond-and-chocolate biscuits and the snowy-white embroidered bedsheets…